Freitag, 7. März 2014

2014 International Art Competition

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Result of the 2014 International Art Competition

This is a moment to celebrate for Taiwan now has the honor to take a look at the artworks of the best thriving artists from around the world. There are estimated3,017pieces of artworks submitted for the 2014 International Art Competition created by artists from 70 different countries. The numbers talk. Not only is this tremendous feedback a huge triumph for the artists who now have the opportunity to introduce their work to the collectors in Taiwan, but also a great encouragement for Taiwan International Contemporary Association. The winner of this completion will get the chance to exhibit his/her artwork at the 2015 Art Revolution Taipei in a 9-meter square booth.
60 outstand in this extremely competitive contest and will be exhibited from 17th April until the 20th 2014 at Art Revolution Taipei. One of the finalists will be announced winner on 20th April. It is our upmost pleasure inviting you to join us and indulge yourself in this feast of fine art.

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